Quotes of 'Position'

Cynthia McKinney :

"To any honest observer, Zimbabwe's sin is that it has taken the position to right a wrong, whose resolution has been too long overdue--to return its land to its people."

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Cynthia Lenz :

"All specialty areas are in demand in most all states. Spanish skills are an added bonus, although not generally a position requirement."

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Curtiss Long :

"The university is pretty land-locked. Finding a spot on campus puts everyone in a compromising position, but we want an on-campus facility."

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Curtis Jerrells :

"They have so many weapons at each position. We knew (Aldridge and Tucker) were unpleasant with their performance the last game. They had something to prove. They came out and played their tails off."

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Curtis Jerrells :

"They've got so many weapons at each position. Last game, Daniel Gibson hit us for 37 points and the inside guys were probably upset with their performance. We knew the big guys would probably have something to prove in this game, and we were right."

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Curtis Crews :

"We would basically be dropping one council position. Most of the other cities in the county have a mayor who votes on issues."

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Curt Lamb :

"We've been in this position before. I told the guys that I was proud of the way they played tonight, and they have to just shake this off and get ready for next week."

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Curt Johnston :

"They'll call us on Monday and ask how we'll vote on something on Wednesday or which way we're leaning. They keep picking at you to take a position before you're ready."

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Crystal Spackman :

"I personally don't feel like we're ready to be contenders. But some of the coaches have been telling me that we're in a good position to sneak in and surprise some people."

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Cris Collinsworth :

"It takes Tice out of the position of being a head coach,"

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