Quotes of 'Wind'

Cynthia McKinney :

"A cruel wind blows across American, starting in Texas and Montana, ... And despite our presence today, it continues to buffet and batter the American people (with) a war started on deliberately fake evidence ... and now, criminal incompetence in providing our security."

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Cynthia Bunton :

"We had an audience primarily of women, until men got wind of it."

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Curt Freese :

"You live and learn on these things. We want to handle them as little as possible, and next year, we will do all the blood tests at Wind Cave."

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Craig Jones :

"I would have liked to run a lot more laps today to continue with the good set-up direction we found yesterday, so it's disappointing that the wind was so strong. But at least we've got a good base setting for this circuit now so have a good starting point at the race here in a few weeks. I'm feeling totally at home on the FP1 and around this circuit and have just really enjoyed testing these last four days."

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Craig Gentry :

"I hit it decent, I just got a little under it, but it just got up in the wind and it just carried."

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Craig Gentry :

"I thought it was Ball Four and that it hit my jersey. At first I was kind of mad, but then I saw fast ball and got lucky and hit it and the wind was blowing out."

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Corey Perry :

"It's great for your wind and strength."

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Constantin Raicea :

"We will be forced to evacuate all 10,000 villagers in the region, because the wind is blowing so hard and the sky is very cloudy, so we will have more problems."

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Constance Naden :

"He who, having lost one ideal, refuses to give his heart and soul to another and nobler, is like a man who declines to build a house on rock because the wind and rain ruined his house on the sand."

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Connie Allen :

"[The zoo offers the tactile experience of sliding a bow across the strings of a fiddle, plucking a stand-up bass, pounding a drum, strumming a guitar or blowing into a trumpet.] I think of it as a mini museum, ... We have some basic knowledge of all the instruments. My main instrument is the mountain dulcimer, but we'll have a banjo, fiddle, mandolin, guitars, dulcimers and a washtub and stand-up bass. There will be a wind instrument area and lots of percussion instruments, including a limberjack. That's a board with a dancing man you bounce in time to the music."

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