Quotes of 'News'

Cyriac Roeding :

"Consumers want to see news and be a part of celebrity happenings as soon as video is available. CBS Alerts represent the next generation in wireless news and entertainment content by packaging text with a more rich visual experience in near real time."

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Cyriac Roeding :

"We want our audience to be able to stay in touch so if they?re walking down the street and they get a news alert and they want to see more, they can also go watch it on TV."

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Cyriac Roeding :

"Consumers want to see news and be a part of celebrity happenings as soon as video is available."

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Cynthia Cohen :

"The good news is lawyers were seen as helpful to our society by 82 percent of the population."

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Curtis Allen :

"The national news has people afraid they can't even go outside without a mask and a full body suit."

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Curt Nichols :

"The big news really is that, because flash is an integral part of cellular phones and those are shipping in such high volume, the next billion units is only going to take two years to get to."

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Crystal Jarvis :

"It's real hard. I guess if anybody out there knows what happened to him, could you please call the police department, the news station, somebody. Let them know what happened. I mean if you know anything, just let them know."

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Crystal Hunt :

"You see it every day on the news, ... It's not my family, but it's a lot of other families. You really want to do something."

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Credit Suisse First Boston :

"Despite a strong showing in African oil, there is little sign of a volume growth renaissance at (Exxon), just like at most of the company's peers. Those looking for good news on volume growth from the sector leader will have been disappointed."

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Craig Russell :

"Speculators are already looking at this. Negative news is a chance to make a profit. People will short the currency."

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