Quotes of 'Clean'

Cyril Dunn :

"A prose style as sharp and clean as a bleached bone on a beach."

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Curtis Weeks :

"If we continue to tap into the basin too much, ocean water can get in and contaminate the clean water."

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Curtis Sanford :

"It's funny how clean that went in ... it could have went through the little slit, you know, those boards that they used to put up between periods."

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Curtis Sanford :

"It's funny how clean that one went in ... just right in the middle of the net."

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Curtis Deloatch :

"We all know how things work: he's a second-round draft pick, so people want to see him play, ... He will get some playing time or he will start, you never know. I just take it a day at a time. I don't look at it as a disadvantage or an advantage. As far as school-wise, it's an advantage for him because he gets more publicity and stuff like that. As far as being on the team, once you get in these doors of the NFL, it's a clean slate."

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Curt Johnson :

"As a state, we must step up to the plate and renew our commitment to ourselves, our children and our communities by adequately investing in clean water."

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Curt Buchholtz :

"They probably would not give money to pave a road or clean a bathroom."

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Crystie Eversole :

"There were holes, dirt, grime, places where people carved, you can tell there wasn't much when it came to clean up from the former owners."

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Craig Phillips :

"I would like to clean them up and get them out of there, ... We've had interest from several groups that like the ability to place signs for a limited time on weekends. We want to be careful what we allow because we don't want to create a bigger problem than we had before."

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Craig Phillips :

"We don't have interns available any more, so we rely more on the code enforcement people, ... It's not a moneymaking venture. It's to clean up the look of the corridors. The last warnings have been sent. Now we will start to follow up with fines."

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