Quotes of 'Police'

Chris Schultz :

"The police department believes it will be difficult to enforce."

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Chris Powell :

"If documentary evidence in deaths involving police action is withheld, the public will be invited to suspect that the government is covering up for itself."

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Chris Patten :

"All parts of the society need to feel that the police service is their police service, and that does not happen unless all parts of society are represented in the police,"

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Chris Myers :

"This is very important information for law enforcement that depend on the effectiveness of their less lethal devices in the field. One of the reasons police use electronic control devices is to stop problem behavior early in a confrontation and de-escalate a situation before a higher level of force becomes necessary. The force option has to work. If the suspect fights through the effects of the device the situation is likely to escalate. The situation could rapidly deteriorate, resulting in serious injury or death to the officer or suspect."

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Chris Hughes :

"If you discover users who are misrepresenting themselves - for example, a user calling herself a student even though she is actually a member of the campus police force - please report this to us as soon as possible. The account will be removed."

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Evangel Maldonado :

"It's more intimidating with the State Police here."

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Evan Sammons :

"We go for that sound that surprises people. We actually got pulled over by a police officer on our way back from Massachusetts, and he asked if we were in a musical group because he saw we were in a van. He asked what we play, and we said we play heavy metal that's really hard to play. Technical metal is what we usually call it."

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Eunice Barber :

"I'm not questioning the work of police who are there to protect us. But I think there are some categories of people representing the law who are racists and who have lots of hate because they work in rather rough neighborhoods."

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Eugene Opperman :

"These people were on a train to go to the illegal security march in Johannesburg, but they started harassing and intimidating other passengers so police fired rubber bullets at them."

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Eugene Opperman :

"Our detectives, supported by the metro police, had an early morning operation today and we arrested 118 of the people on our wanted list."

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