Quotes of 'Police'

Colin Powell :

"We'll certainly know tomorrow when NATO meets, but every indication I have now is that NATO is coming together to say that they would be willing to provide police and military training to Iraqi forces, ... Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer."

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Colin Powell :

"Afghanistan is in need of many things -- a police force, a new military that's committed to the Afghan people,"

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Colin Powell :

"The real security that is going to be needed for the reconstruction of Afghanistan, and not just in cities but throughout the countryside, is going to come from building up a national army, building up a border patrol, and building up a police force,"

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Cole Porter :

"The 1860s-era house, which has about 21 rooms, had fallen into disrepair over the years. It had been split into several apartments, and police found a methamphetamine lab in one of the apartments two years ago. The museum plans to sell fudge made with recipes from the now-closed Arnold's Candies of Peru. At his shows, Porter gave away boxes of the candy as presents."

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Clarence Thomas :

"She was a student member of the promotions committee for Rocky Dailey. I was supposed to get in contact with her but couldn't reach her. The police told the dean who told me that she had just died."

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Christopher Dunn :

"We are concerned that false police statements may have tainted hundreds of cases of people arrested at the two largest mass arrests during the convention."

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Christopher Dunn :

"Our position is that the police should aggressively investigate anyone whom they suspect of bringing explosives into the system. But police searches of subway riders without any suspicions are presumptively unconstitutional."

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Christian Ramirez :

"I don't think (the police and district officials) understand what is at stake for these kids and their families. Immigration is a concern talked about regularly over dinner and around the television set."

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Chris Thompson :

"The long-term payoff I think could be just as great because of them. A lot of credit goes to the city for plowing the streets so fast and having so many police out there to keep things safe."

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Chris Swecker :

"I think most of the police departments will agree that you're just getting them off the street for a couple of months,"

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