Quotes of 'Police'

Eline Andersen :

"We haven't asked for any extra security because we are in close contact with the Danish police and Danish intelligence service, and the information is that we don't need to worry yet."

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Elias Atallah :

"The opposition sought to exploit the achievements of the upheaval, so it brokered a deal in Paris in mid-April, which allowed the Lebanese-Syrian police regime to buy time."

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Elias Atallah :

"The Lebanese, during their uprising, went too far, as they put in question all police regimes in the Arab world which risked to reflect badly on Syria."

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Elaine Brown :

"If I know about drug dealing in the ghetto, the police have to know. One has to wonder why very little is ever done about it."

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Eladio Castillo :

"People despise us. The police don't like us because they get tickets. The store people feel the same way. They get mad when you give them a ticket but they overlook all the times you haven't."

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Edwin Meese III :

"The idea that the police cannot ask questions of the person that knows most about the crime is an infamous decision."

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Edward Skyler :

"We talked about it on the way over to Police Plaza. But the mayor has a job to do, and you can't let politics stop you from doing your job."

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Edward Karaback :

"He held it up and six bullets fell out. He said, 'I can't use these because these are police issue. And he reached into his pocket and said, 'but I can use this one,' and he put it into the chamber."

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Edward Harris :

"The Justice Department is starting to recognize that police departments have hundreds of thousands of rape kits ... If we didn't have to store rape kits for years and years because we didn't have the ability to analyze them all, we could stop criminals from repeating crimes."

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Edward Garnier :

"This Government has tied our police up in so much red tape that instead of being on the streets dealing with crime they now spend half their time at their desks."

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