Quotes of 'Police'

Eric Denece :

"The measures are supposed to improve the work of the police. They will tighten the mesh. But that doesn't mean the most determined won't still be able to get through."

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Eric Behrman :

"We want to encourage anyone hearing this today that still has information to call the State Police today. As only parents can understand, what we seek from this is justice for Jill."

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Eric Beach :

"Proposition 75 is a workers rights issue; our teachers, police and firefighters want a choice. Union leaders are out of touch with their own members."

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Ephraim Mateyo :

"My commissioner of police is in the area and once I get a briefing, I will release the details."

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Enrique Garcia :

"Some of the people in the crowd threw rocks and bottles at the police, but no police were injured."

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Emmanuelle Richard :

"It's like my son was not a human being. Even if you hit a dog, you have the (responsibility) to call police."

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Emmanuel Velasco :

"The threat is very real. The police and the military are not taking any chances."

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Emmanuel Daoud :

"Eunice opened the window and was slapped on the face for no reason. Stunned she got out of the car. A second police officer then four, five or six others arrived and threw her to the ground. She received several more blows. An officer then placed his foot on her neck."

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Emir Sader :

"The police are badly trained and badly paid, and they're not respected. Instead of enforcing the law, they're raising the level of violence in this society."

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Emily Lyons :

"We are thankful that he has been caught, thankful to the police and the FBI and the ATF and the media that has kept his picture and his name out there,"

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