Quotes of 'Police'

Ernie Limon :

"The system right now relies on sex offenders when they go to the police department to be honest when they give their address. When these high-risk sex offenders leave a hospital like Atascadero, we do investigative things to make sure they end up at that house."

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Ernestine Fobbs :

"It hasn't gotten to that point yet. We're working along with the Delaware State Police, so if it's an on-going investigation we'll make sure if it does involve human trafficking to investigate how these women got here."

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Ernest Collins :

"Police coverage will be more concentrated and easier to maintain."

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Erin Simmons :

"The primary thing we find out is the location of the accident, vehicle description, any injuries, is the road blocked, are both vehicles still there. From the information from the (reporting party), we would then first and foremost dispatch police, ambulances, if necessary, and fire department. After dispatch to the fire department, they would then decide if they should respond and the code they should respond."

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Erica Smith :

"Reasons why Harper's murder remains a mystery include the gang element involved in this case does not cooperate with police as a matter of rule. Harper was not well liked, (and) some felt Harper had it coming due to his violent past."

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Eric Warner :

"especially when those doing the shooting are police officers sworn to protect innocent people."

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Eric Turner :

"I just hate to see us adopt another ordinance that is a feel good ordinance that our police officers who are extremely busy right now are not going to enforce and it becomes another nuisance,"

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Eric Stoltenberg :

"You have over 30,000 police officers in this state that are watching this case very closely."

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Eric Safire :

"Our claim has always been that there was a policy of failing to discipline police officers that resulted in police misconduct."

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Eric Frost :

"Measure T has enough to pay for the police precincts in its funding now."

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