Quotes of 'Police'

Eugene O'Donnell :

"Police work is generally best left to the police, there's no question about that. But there are exceptions."

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Eugene O'Donnell :

"It matters who said what to who and who got everything started. Even though he's a police officer, just as a matter of law, it doesn't make his actions justifiable."

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Eugene O'Donnell :

"When police officers lie, the potential danger extends far beyond an individual case. It goes to the heart of the justice system and threatens the entire relationship between the city and community."

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Eugene Dial :

"We have some good practices in place on campus, too. There's good police work on-campus and in the community."

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Eugene Daniels :

"Police are trying to establish what happened and have interviewed the learners."

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Etzion Neuer :

"Like it or not, a Jewish cemetery is an extension of the Jewish community. The police can have one view; we can have another. This doesn't affect our feelings. We'll always work with the police."

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Erry Riyana Hardjapamekas :

"The suspect is now being detained at National Police Headquarters. So far we are still examining his case."

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Ernie Morris :

"It allows officers to see that they do matter and are not just doing a job. Too much of this job is ugliness. As a police officer, you get the feeling ?Why am I doing this?? Well, when you get to spend time with a child and see how much they do look up to you, it?s a great feeling and reminds you that we, as police officers, have the honor of having the best job in the world."

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Ernie Morris :

"It is a great opportunity for the children to see that police officers are just people, too. We get to have fun. The children get the opportunity to ask us questions that they may be afraid to ask at other times."

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Ernie Morris :

"Through being a bowler and then a police officer for nine-plus years, I have become friends with most of the staff at Limerick Bowl. About five years ago, staff at Limerick Bowl and I thought it would be good to get kids to bowl with police officers as an activity for Limerick Bowl?s Junior Leagues."

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