Quotes of 'Police'

Cyril Wecht :

"In a significant number of cases in which the police taser somebody, they would have used a gun if they did not have the taser, ... Do you know what the mortality rate is when a police officer shoots? Close to 100 percent."

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Cynthia Price :

"We're not calling anyone a suspect. At this time, the Richmond Police Department has not identified a suspect, but we have several persons of interest. We've interviewed several people extensively."

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Cynthia McCloud :

"I don't like to drive when police officers are around. When I see one, sometimes I just pull off the road."

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Cynthia Lennon :

"I think it will make people very secure as far as having the police officers coming and going."

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Cynthia Kleinhans :

"The married woman who gave the police the run-around for nearly five days, will appear in the Benoni Magistrate's Court on charges of defeating the course of justice and conspiracy to commit a crime."

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Cynthia Hurtie :

"The Kansas Bureau of Investigation and the KCK Police Department are continuing the investigation."

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Customs Enforcement :

"[He noted that under the federal system, local police departments that want to be involved in immigration enforcement may go through a training process that allows them to become] deputies ... is further indication that Congress intended to preclude any local efforts which are unauthorized or based on other than federal law."

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Customs Enforcement :

"We want to be careful we're not stretched too thin, ... It's a daunting task helping ... local police."

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Curtis Jackson :

"You stop thinking about the police finding out what you did. You start thinking about God knowing what just happened."

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Curtis Hill :

"Lack of police presence is a concern for me even as a male, as I have had two uncomfortable experiences there this summer running before sunrise to avoid the heat."

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