Quotes of 'City'

Cynthia Rezentes :

"We have moved not one inch. There are options that the city could have been approaching."

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Cynthia Prost :

"With Hurricane Katrina and the devastating toll it took on the city, we felt strongly this was something important to honor."

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Cynthia Hallett :

"There is kind of a continuum at the city level. Once a community has really been educated about the hazards of heart disease, then they start to demand smoke-free areas where people congregate outside."

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Cynthia Gregory :

"I feel I am lucky to have a place to dance. Now you don't just have to go to New York City anymore."

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Cynthia Bunton :

"The fair enables us to bring various areas of our city together without any ulterior motives than having a good time. The runway will be lit up in Corpus Christi with fashion from all over the world."

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Cynthia Brown :

"I do hope there is a possibility of getting back to the area and getting New Orleans rebuilt. There's so many people in need of that city. It's a city of nostalgia, a city of hope. I hope all is not lost."

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Cyndi O'Donnell :

"My board feels real strongly that they have supplied the appropriate documentation to the city. That's where we stand."

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Cy Thannikary :

"We have power. We have to believe we can fight city hall."

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Curtis Thompson :

"Our average daily temperature (for January) was 15 degrees above normal in Garden City. In terms of long term history, a 30 year average, that's tremendous, that's unbelievable."

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Curt Johnson :

"I want to thank Chris on behalf of our entire organization for his eight seasons in Kansas City. He is a very talented player and an even better person. We wish he and his family all the best."

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