Quotes of 'Dreams'

Cynthia McCoy :

"I want to do it on my own. I want to fulfill my dreams and help support my son's (dreams)."

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Craig Haase :

"John is exactly the kind of athlete every coach wants on his team. He brings knowledge and great work ethic to every game and every practice. He's always been a small kid, but, through hard work, he's improved his body a lot. That's a tribute to his dedication. He's the kind of kid every coach dreams about."

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Courtney Thorne-Smith :

"What happened, is that all of my dreams came true, and it didn't fix anything. I was still scared, and still sad. You need the same things to make you truly happy and fulfilled when you're famous as you do when you're not, but they're more difficult to find, because you forget to look."

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Coolio :

"Too much television watching got me chasing dreams."

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Conrad Davidson :

"It is a significant piece of literature. The lines still ring true. We feel things moving in on us just as Willy did. He had such big dreams, that maybe were unrealistic. It also explores family and children. Willy seems to be trying to teach his boys his view of the world, and maybe a parent's dream shouldn't be the child's."

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Coleman Young :

"We need to dream big dreams, propose grandiose means if we are to recapture the excitement, the vibrancy, and pride we once had."

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Clemens Work :

"I said that in my box of dreams, I hoped that some day they would be exonerated."

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Claudio Ranieri :

"I will believe it when I touch the trophy, not before. They are young. It's all right, they can dream. I am a concrete man and I want to continue to work hard. When I wake up I start to work. Dreams finish with the night."

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Claude Debussy :

"The colour of my soul is iron-grey and sad bats wheel about the steeple of my dreams."

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Clark Kepler :

"I hadn't planned to go into the family business. I was at an age where I wanted to go save the world. But at that point, I realized I had an opportunity to help my family rather than chase after a bunch of idealistic dreams. I made that commitment, and I haven't looked back."

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