Quotes of 'Support '

Cyril Beuzit :

"The risk is for the ECB to accelerate the pace of interest- rate hikes. There seems to be very little support for the European bond market."

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Cyril Beuzit :

"In the near term, there is a bit of support for the front end, due to these weaker numbers."

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Cynthia McCoy :

"I want to do it on my own. I want to fulfill my dreams and help support my son's (dreams)."

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Cynthia Epstein :

"Clearly, more and more families are providing care to people at home and are in tremendous need of additional support. This report looks at the major issues, which are looking at the family caregiver as well as the patient as both in need of care."

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Cynthia Bulik :

"Our study shows a very clear and substantial biological component to anorexia nervosa, and my hope is that this will offer some support to patients and their families."

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Cynde Frankel :

"We cry a lot. But as a group, we give each other tremendous support and try to stay positive. That's what enables us to keep going. It's a team effort."

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Cy Young :

"My heart will always be with the Boston fans. I hope that everyone who truly loves me will still support me now that I won't be with the Red Sox,"

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Curtis Higgins :

"The same teams return for next season. We've had tremendous support from the fans and Integra Bank and our other sponsors."

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Curtis Hebert Jr :

"When I told him that I didn't think it was the right thing to do and also that there was no legal basis for it under the federal Power Act, he told me that he and his company, Enron, could no longer support me as chairman."

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Cui Zi'en :

"This time we have more initiative with our own claims and beliefs. The festival is not simply an event of exhibitions but a specific allegation that we are not doing something without proper support. We have done a lot of things deep, meaningful, far-sighted and persisting."

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