Quotes of 'Injury'

Cyril Wecht :

"repeated mild traumatic injury while playing football."

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Cyril Wecht :

"He wasn't a boxer, but that's a general term that we would use to denote changes in the brain of a degenerative nature, ... They can be from one intensely traumatic injury, or they can be from repetitive and cumulative injuries, which is what we believe happened here."

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Curtis Koele :

"Most people don't know this sport is a safe thing you can do. As far as I know, there's never been an accident here. I'd challenge any basketball team to not having an injury."

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Curt Ransom :

"The outside kennels need to be completely remodeled or replaced as the concrete is deteriorating, the drain at the end is too small, partitions are not of adequate height or construction and there are sharp edges and points from damage to fencing and metal work. Due to gaps between the top of the kennel doors and the top cover there appears to be plenty of opportunity for escape and injury."

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Curt Fredrickson :

"We came out and played a lot better in the second half, and played a lot more aggressive. We just had a hard time stopping them in the first half. They made a lot of good shots and really hustled. Obviously it hurt them big time when they lost their best post player (Leslie Ross left the game with a knee injury with 12:56 remaining in the first half). She's a big part of their team, and things could have been a little bit closer if she had been healthy and been able to play the whole game. It's unfortunate that she got hurt."

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Critias of Athens :

"If you will discipline yourself to make your mind self-sufficient you will thereby be least vulnerable to injury from the outside."

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Craig Wehner :

"We were asleep in the first, but were able to come alive in the final two periods. I think the injury timeout stopped our momentum, but the health of all of my players is my No. 1 concern."

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Craig Moore :

"It was good to get on the pitch but it is really soul-destroying to pick up another injury."

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Corey MacDonald :

"We ran into a bit of injury trouble at the beginning, the first half, and we kind of struggled to make it to Christmas. But we knew coming back from Christmas break that we'd have a stronger team and we'd have a couple of guys coming in that would help our lineup."

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Corey Koskie :

"For me to blame my season on injury, to me that's just an excuse. I still had 350 at-bats that I didn't do much with."

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