Quotes of 'Respect'

Cyrus Kar :

"I couldn't have more respect for the rank-and-file soldiers, but the system is broken, ... When an Iraqi is detained there, he comes out angry and wanting payback."

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Curtis Hollis :

"Obviously people have a lot of respect for him. Fight the best, be the best, right?"

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Curt Benge :

"I think it's a close-knit group, and the seniors are a lightning rod for that. The underclassmen like and respect them, so they want to see them have some success."

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Cuki Alvarez :

"We taught him enough basics to survive the fight. We work mainly on defense. Of course we want to win, but we respect all fighters.we fight to win, not to lose."

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Crystal Kennedy :

"Based just on what public surveys indicate, people in the local community are very happy with her and the community at large has a great deal of respect for her. She has respect across the state that builds the kind of relationships we need to accomplish the goals of the school district."

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Craig Wright :

"With due respect to the counties, it's hard to market 18 games against them a season,"

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Craig Johnston :

"I really liked what I saw of them and respect them as businessmen, they are clearly good operators,"

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Courtney Thomas :

"She reads the defender unbelievably. I have so much respect for her game, the way she moves, runs people off screens, off curls, you name it. She gets the ball. Then, her shot is so quick, it's in your face."

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Courtney Sims :

"This isn't a good feeling. We've been wanting to get respect, but you have to earn it. Today we didn't earn it."

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Costa Aguilar :

"Central Catholic has earned the respect of all the other teams in this tournament. There was questions about their schedule and them being a Division V school, but they're just as good as any team in the area. They're very well coached and we'll have our hands full."

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