Quotes of 'Reaction'

Cynthia Anderson :

"Are they reducing the number of 'Nutcrackers' because people are either canceling subscriptions or not buying single tickets to the 'Nutcracker?' Is this evidence of a stronger public reaction against their decision than they are willing to admit?"

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Cyndy Teas :

"I am very excited about the home and the grounds. Paul compared his reaction to when we had our two children - that is how excited he is about the home (and grounds)."

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Craig Shaeffer :

"My reaction was excitement. Benton Central is an excellent team, and I knew that if we were going to win this sectional, we'd have to play them eventually. I'd rather play them first than last. I wanted to have time to prepare."

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Courtney Fortson :

"That was fun. That's stuff we do in practice all the time, plus that crowd reaction really got us going more."

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Conrad DeQuadros :

"While the Fed's rate hike yesterday (Tuesday) may seem to have diminished reaction to today's (Wednesday's) CPI report, it will nonetheless be important,"

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Commissioner Elmo Richardson :

"We need to take a little time and do this right, rather than have a knee-jerk reaction based on emotion."

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Colleen Kelly :

"There is something within the national psyche that recognizes this spot as graveyard. A lot of the conflict is stemming from an internal reaction recognizing this is a sacred space."

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Colin Lee :

"Jody is very, very disappointed with his reaction"

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Clyde Kluckhohn :

"The lay reaction is well summed up by the remark of an army officer. We had met socially and were getting along very well until he asked me how I made my living. When I told him I was an anthropologist he drew away and said, "Well, you don't have to be crazy to be an anthropologist, but I guess it helps.""

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Clinton Morrison :

"I wouldn't take the reaction of the fans as a factor in which player I sign. I would be amazed if he didn't get a good reaction when he comes back."

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