Quotes of 'Issues'

Cindy Smith :

"We were addressing many of the issues as they were looking at the same issues."

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Cindy Gordon :

"We need to talk to our parents about the tough end-of-life issues. Our loved ones probably want to talk about these things but are afraid of upsetting you."

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Chung Kim :

"Environmental issues are politically neutral and easy to deal with,"

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Chuck Smith :

"He assured us that they were trying to work very quickly to resolve some of the issues."

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Chuck Sanderson :

"The concern that I have is would be weather issues that come on top of this. But if we don't have those kind of weather issues, we've got some significant infrastructure that's been built since the 1996 and 1997 floods that will be very well used this year -- and I think we're going to reap the benefits."

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Chuck Owen :

"The biggest goal was to just give composers a chance to come together and discuss among themselves issues that might affect them, without necessarily anyone trying to determine what those issues are. It's really an unusual situation."

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Chuck Mulloy :

"We can afford, and do spend, for nothing but the very best in terms of environmental, health and safety issues. We can afford it and we don't cut corners. It's critical to our business model and our business success."

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Chuck Morton :

"We have classes on Tuesday and Thursday. They are general in nature so we can include people who have signed up for the business program, even though we don't have a business program yet, there are some people who wanted to get a jump on the program. We have one course on Tuesday night, which is a leadership course and one course on Thursday night, which is an Issues in Professional Ethics course. And we have about 25 in each one of those courses, as well."

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Chuck Logsdon :

"There are some key issues where we've not received a response that is what the governor wants to hear."

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Chuck Leavell :

"It is so important that we get children thinking about these issues at an early age. It won't be long before those kids grow up. They'll be our new leaders."

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