Quotes of 'Issues'

Courtney Harris :

"We had some team issues early on. Now we are all on the same page."

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Coryne Tasca :

"It's something imbedded in me (that is) imperative both in the community and the real world. My role here is to try to communicate that there's a definite impact on the environment. Businesses are going to have to be open to environmental issues."

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Cory Tilley :

"When it comes to major issues on a statewide or national level, the Democrats in these small counties probably feel abandoned by the Democrat Party. These are folks who go to church on Sunday morning and have strong conservative values. The Democrats on the state and federal levels don't relate to that."

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Corey Woods :

"I got involved in this because being raised in a certain kind of family gets you involved in political action early. I thought it was normal to have parents talk about social issues and politics and economics for two hours at the dinner table."

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Corey Walker :

"There are a number of issues that you have to think about in relation to the spatial politics of a city when thinking about ward politics in a city."

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Constantine Karamanlis :

"In Greece much has been accomplished because of the common effort of all. But still much remains to be done in order to deal with our national issues, to overcome the multifaceted crisis of today, and to safeguard the place that belongs to us . . ."

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Constance Swank :

"These issues are on the radar screen of baby boomers. They are concerned about life changes of their parents or other family members."

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Connie Kelliher :

"The two sides are far apart. The company's second offer shows no significant improvements on our top issues - pensions, health care and job security. The union is currently analyzing their offer and will immediately begin working on a counterproposal."

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Connie Kelliher :

"Pension, health care and job security. It hasn't changed for us from the beginning. Those are still the top issues."

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Connie Kelliher :

"The company's latest offer showed no substantial improvements on our top three issues, which are pensions, health care and job security."

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