Quotes of 'Issues'

Christine Varney :

"When you're online, anybody can keep track of anything you do, ... They can sell it, they can match it with other information that's easily available to them, come up with profiles on you about lifestyle issues that you may or may not want people to know."

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Christine Todd Whitman :

"He appreciates women who are not afraid to talk about the issues, ... social fundamentalism."

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Christine Salembier :

"It is totally irrelevant to her service on the Airport Commission, unless there were legal issues."

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Christine McCracken :

"It's not like Tyson is alone (in having a dual-structure stock.) And it's not hidden. (The voting structure) is laid out in the filings. There are a lot of other issues, obviously, that have greater bearing on the stock price than shareholder structure."

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Christine Karbowiak :

"We are working past the deadline and through the night to reach new agreements with the USWA. We are encouraged by the substantial progress in negotiations but there are some remaining issues and the parties are continuing to work diligently to resolve these as soon as possible."

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Christina Zimmerman :

"Some people thought they knew the absolute answer, but most of us were just trying to figure out the right thing to do. There are still too many unanswered questions and environmental and technical issues to develop this site."

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Christina Pearson :

"Preparing the world for a pandemic flu outbreak is a top priority, and we're looking at various options in stockpiling drugs and vaccine. But there are a lot of issues, and it's too early to speculate about this right now."

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Christa Carone :

"Xerox has an agreement in principle with the SEC that effectively resolves Xerox's outstanding issues with the SEC."

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Christa Carone :

"They were concerned about one of the issues in the contract, but all along Xerox denied any wrongdoing."

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Chris Weeks :

"[Sri Lanka and Little Rock] are definitely different, but the climate is not that different, the products coming in are not that different and some of the logistical issues are really quite similar, ... This is the reverse situation, though. It's usually the U.S. sending out to developing countries."

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