Quotes of 'Hurt '

Cyndee Williams :

"The contacts helped me see basic shapes of things and basic forms; but I couldn't see any real details. And they hurt so bad. I called them the little circles of death."

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Curtis Pulley :

"Alfonso plays with a lot of will and determination. He's a guy who wasn't even playing all that much in high school until another guy got hurt. Now I've gotten a chance to see how badly he wants it."

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Curtis Bolden :

"Hurt like it was my family, know what I'm saying? I've had them so long they is like family to me, sister or brother. It hurts."

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Curt Young :

"The fact Rich has been sick (with food poisoning) the last few days and lost a little weight, well, we've got time. This won't hurt him."

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Curt Stellfox :

"Their size hurt us to a point and their quickness. And we had (19) turnovers."

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Curt Fredrickson :

"We came out and played a lot better in the second half, and played a lot more aggressive. We just had a hard time stopping them in the first half. They made a lot of good shots and really hustled. Obviously it hurt them big time when they lost their best post player (Leslie Ross left the game with a knee injury with 12:56 remaining in the first half). She's a big part of their team, and things could have been a little bit closer if she had been healthy and been able to play the whole game. It's unfortunate that she got hurt."

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Curt Bladt :

"We want to see him get going before we hit the meat of the schedule, but on the other hand we don't want him to get hurt worse and miss two or three games."

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Crystal Wheeler :

"He has his fears and he knows I could get really hurt out there."

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Crystal Hawkins :

"From what I understand, no one's hurt, but my mom wouldn't tell me if she's not doing well anyway. She wouldn't want me to worry."

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Craig Weber :

"The first two times we met he didn't hurt me too much. I think he's gotten stronger since the last time we met, which is obvious."

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