Quotes of 'Excitement'

Cathy Mann :

"Absolutely not. We are holding our meeting in Duncan because we are a company that values our tradition and spirit of innovation -- much of which was started in Duncan more than 80 years ago. We are excited to showcase this heritage for our shareholders."

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Brett Hardy :

"There's a lot of excitement. A lot of kids didn't get a lot of minutes, but it was a total team effort. They were pulling for one another. There's not a lot of size, but these guys don't quit."

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Dave Doeren :

"That's part of the excitement, too - it's fun to be around new people and learn. After awhile, being with the same guys, you have the same ideas and the same discussions year-in and year-out. So it's kind of nice being around fresh thoughts and ideas. It makes you think about some things that maybe in the past you didn't have to think about."

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Dave DeCecco :

"This is a bigger idea than our previous marketing. We think it will really drive excitement around the Pepsi brand, as people start talking about the sweepstakes."

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Cathy Inglese :

"I just had a feeling they might do that to make it more exciting."

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Cathy Core :

"We're excited because all of the proceeds raised by the Super Bowl party will go to Little City Foundation."

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Cathy Calfo :

"We are excited about debating. We think the voters deserve to hear the differences between the two candidates."

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Cathy Brown :

"We?re excited to be here. We not going anywhere. This is a good company."

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Cathy Baron Tamraz :

"Our association with Berkshire Hathaway has already generated considerable excitement in the marketplace. Beyond the obvious financial resources, Warren Buffett is recognized and respected worldwide for his business acumen. The response from our clients, business partners and employees has been overwhelmingly positive. We look forward to making our new owner very proud."

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Dave D'Allessio :

"Even though the team match was over, it didn't diminish the excitement. This had some pretty big ramifications for those two kids. We knew the winner would likely be the number one seed."

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