Quotes of 'Excitement'

Cliff Moses :

"We saw his name on a house we liked. We liked that he seemed to know a lot about native plants, but really, it was the excitement he expressed when he talked about doing different things with the house. He obviously enjoys building houses and had this twinkle in his eyes when he talked about it."

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Cindy Davis :

"These are young vibrant athletes who have a lot of energy and confidence that they can play. That excitement drives TV ratings and produces opportunities."

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Cindy Carder :

"Grandpa Bob. The kids thought it was super fun. They were almost squealing with excitement."

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Chuck Keller :

"The 2 by 2 game will give players more variety and a little extra excitement."

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Chuck Esposito :

"The big game's a tremendous day for us. The volume, the atmosphere, the excitement. But I still hope that we're on the right side at the end of the day."

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Christy Fusco :

"We're trying to encourage reading and give it excitement."

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Christoph Hartmann :

"24: The Game delivers all the action and excitement you would expect to see in the hit 24 television series. It is an intense gaming experience with the same race-against-the-clock tension the show is well known for. 24: The Game also provides a valuable back story to the events happening between seasons two and three."

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Christina Norman :

"We're always looking to inject excitement and energy into the show and Miami has a lot to offer. As far as celebrities, Miami is becoming a destination."

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Christina Kirkaldy :

"She has so much excitement before games and confidence in us. When I see her like that, it rubs off on to me."

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Chris Walsh :

"Because participation in the forum can serve as a springboard to take their businesses to the next level, the excitement was high leading into the presentations."

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