Quotes of 'Excitement'

Tom Brady :

"There was a lot of excitement coming into game, ... We were preparing all summer long for this team. We'll take the win."

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Brian Berg :

"I'm excited with the moves they made in the off season. I'm hopeful everyone will stay healthy."

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Dave Haigler :

"I'm very excited about this and still in a state of shock."

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CEO M. Wade Kelley :

"It seats 1,100 and the stage itself is almost big enough by itself to fit the whole orchestra on. We are very excited about it. It has multi-media capabilities with screens on either side of the stage."

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CEO Kenneth Chahine :

"We are enthusiastic about this transaction."

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Celeste Beck :

"This is really brand new, and we're floored at all the excitement."

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Brian Archer :

"Until people stop burning, it's going to keep going up."

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Cedric Bozeman :

"Don't be fooled. He's definitely excited and happy, but he's the same guy. He's still yelling at us at practice."

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Dave Frohnmayer :

"That means we don't get the efficiency, and the excitement you get from the face-to-face dealing of a really outstanding faculty."

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Dave Forster :

"The girls were dead-dog excited. We're a little bit worn out but excited, too. We've been close in the past, but now we have a chance to win the state championship."

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