Quotes of 'Excitement'

Chad Pennington :

"At times it wasn't very exciting, ... But when you play fundamental football, you have a good chance to win. And that's what we did."

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Chad Mozingo :

"I've very excited with that this year, the defense is much stronger than last year. I think we lost a lot of ball games due to defense and errors."

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Chad Larson :

"They get excited about it."

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Chad Kroeger :

"We're excited to be performing in Vegas and be able to reward lucky fans to play at this rockin' Poker event! ... We can't wait to feel the energy and excitement of playing for our Vegas fans."

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Chad Hedrick :

"I am just so glad that his whole family was able to make it and see this. I think I am just as excited as Calvin is, but this is his night."

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Chad Hanning :

"It's a huge change and we're very excited about it. Last year, we played 15 games and eight were against Division I teams, which was more than we can handle. This will give us a better feel for what to expect in the playoffs."

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Chad Epperson :

"You will see a lot of excitement from these two quality players. They played at very competitive schools in college. An 0-for-4 game or batting slump will not get them down. The fans are going to fall in love with both of them."

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Chad Elliott :

"There's just a lot of excitement. We're ready to get rid of that camp mentality where you keep going against the same person. We're ready to get out there. I can't wait."

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Chad Eisele :

"I have always hoped to have the opportunity to come back to Knox and I am honored that Knox has given me the chance to do so. My family and I are excited to be part of Knox College and look forward to being there for many years to come."

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Dave Hunter :

"I see a little extra excitement from the students, ... but they're very fickle. Lose one, it changes things."

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