Quotes of 'Excitement'

Chance VanGundy :

"Eight of our 14 starters were freshmen or sophomores, so we're going to have a pretty big nucleus of our team back the next two years. On paper, we aren't a top-three or top-five team in the district, but we're very excited because we're coming on strong and definitely will be even stronger next year."

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Tom Faraci :

"My guys want to get back. I don't look at it as pressure, but more excitement."

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Brian Crabtree :

"He's only a sophomore, so we're pretty excited about that."

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Chan Ho Park :

"I remember the fans ... But I don't remember how I felt, because I was so excited."

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Brian Cook :

"They're excited about me coming back this year."

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Brian Conley :

"It was a very exciting moment."

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Chan Gailey :

"I think they will mentally and emotionally be ready to line up and play. I'll be interested to see how they'll play. I'm excited to see how they'll play."

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Chan Gailey :

"We're excited to be here."

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Chan Gailey :

"I think our team is excited about the destination. You want this to be a reward. You want them to have a good time and enjoy where they are. We've got a game to play ? we realize the importance of that and we want to play well."

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Chan Gailey :

"We won. Basically that's all I remember about it. The pageantry about the college game, running out behind the Rambling Wreck to the very first ball game, that's always been an experience that's been pretty exciting."

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