Quotes of 'Excitement'

Charde Houston :

"I'm not going to say there's absolutely no pain, but I can play. Now it's just like going out and being sore. Everybody else is sore. You have to play with pain. So that's how I look at it. Let's just say I feel pretty darn good. I'm excited to see what (today) brings."

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Charde Houston :

"Anytime you face a team like that, you have to be excited. We have to play our hearts out to be satisfied about what happens at the end at the buzzer."

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Charde Houston :

"I don?t remember the last time I played in a game, so I?m excited to see what (Thursday) brings. I?m not going to say there?s absolutely no pain, but I can play. Let?s just say, I feel pretty darn good."

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Char Schroeder :

"Brides really want to have their weddings in New Orleans. I'm excited to say most of our brides will be (rescheduling) their events in the spring."

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Chantal Claret :

"Every day feels like before the first day of school, you know when you like lay your clothes out, you can't sleep and you're really excited."

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Channing Frye :

"His whole point ? and I'm just guessing ? is that he wants everybody to be prepared at all times. If you know you have the opportunity to start, you're going to be a little more excited to play, you're going to be more hungry in practice."

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Chandra McCormick :

"He (Hermann) was excited to meet us. We all started going to different events ? spiritual churches, second line parades."

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Chandra Levy :

"No, she was always the same, very upbeat, very happy. She was very private. She was not social with a lot of people in the club, but she was always upbeat."

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Chandler Collins :

"Everybody dreams about state in their senior year rather than their sophomore year though. Playing a bigger role this time, this is much more exciting."

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Chancellor Daniel Little :

"I look forward to working with her during what will surely be an exciting time as we work to achieve the strategic vision we share for the future of the campus."

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