Quotes of 'Excitement'

Brian McCarthy :

"Despite the one day difference, we expect even greater excitement and participation from our players, sponsors and local community that contribute to the success of the Pro Bowl. Working closely with state and city officials, we look to continue the momentum from last month's game and surrounding events which were hailed as a success."

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Brian Gruber :

"It's a gutsy play, but it's all about execution."

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Dave Olinger :

"We took our measure of excitement from her."

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Charles Ballard :

"If people were really, really excited about Ford cars, people would buy more of them."

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Charles Armstrong :

"She was excited, ... She was just saying her dad was coming home. There wasn't much I could say to her because I know she was on cloud nine."

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Tom Glavine :

"I think that's still part of the excitement of being out there. If I get to the point where I don't, then I don't need to be playing anymore. So at least I know I still care about it, and it matters, and I want to do well."

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Charlene Johnson :

"I just find the whole subject so exciting, it really is my passion."

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Charlene Hunt :

"We are happy to be teaming with Jack in the Box. I contacted Bruce and he was excited to be the 2006 corporate sponsor."

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Brian Ferentz :

"That's the gutsiest coaching call I've ever seen. I think a lot of credit goes to Coach [Urban] Meyer. Obviously, it was his call. Then again, if you miss something like that, you're a moron."

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Charde Houston :

"I was excited just for the simple fact that we were able to move the ball and not stand around on offense. Also, we knew that they were a fast-break team and we wanted to pretty much match that. Coach always tells us that when you play teams like this, your post players have to run and that's what we really focused on tonight."

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