Quotes of 'Excitement'

Bruce Marshall :

"We got away from what we needed to do in the second period. We knew they were dangerous short-handed, but we didn't respond properly. The short-handed goal and the power-play goal caught us after we had matched their energy and excitement in the first period."

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David Green :

"We're still just racing. Now we're doing it in a city we're a little unfamiliar with, but the excitement level is sky high and the competition is just as fierce."

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David Frost :

"Most of the television I've done over the years has been aimed at British and American audiences. This time, while the target is still Britain and America, the excitement is that there are also six billion inhabitants of the globe."

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David Coulthard :

"What a fantastic venue. I think the film played before the cars swooped onto the stage conveyed the excitement of F1. The livery looked fantastic and all six of us are keen to get a good result this weekend."

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David Berry :

"I can understand all the excitement about this season. I was 2 years old when the Seahawks last won a playoff game, so you never know when something this special will come around again."

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Dave Wannstedt :

"The excitement has grown and grown for it seems like forever,"

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Dave Tippett :

"I think it's ultimately a team game that should be decided by a team. But during the season, you find a result and you just see the excitement it's given the fans and the players. It's been a nice jolt in the arm for us."

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Chris Collins :

"All day today, I was really feeling the excitement sitting in class. It really means a lot, being my senior year, my last chance to win one."

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Chris Clark :

"His excitement is the biggest thing we thrive on. He wants to be out there all the time and he wants the puck. He wants to win hockey games ? which has been tough this year ? but without him I don't know how many games we would have won."

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Chris Chelios :

"We wanted to play with passion and excitement, and we did that. We could have very well have won the game. We played well enough to win."

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