Quotes of 'Immigrant'

Chu Wu :

"It is a culture coming out of the Iron Age to 20th century America. There will always be a clash with immigrant groups."

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Christine Jones :

"There's a lot of emotion around this debate because the immigrant system is broken."

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Christina Greenberg :

"My grandmother is a Russian immigrant and, as a child, I always dreamed of going to Russia and opening a nonprofit there. I learned Russian as a teenager through studying books in the hopes of moving there."

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Emilio Vaca :

"It is very evident that in areas like Incline or Kings Beach the majority of the workers are immigrant workers. They are the ones keeping it going, doing construction, snow removal, landscaping...."

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Emilio Gonzalez :

"I keep it in my drawer as a reminder that I am an immigrant running an immigration service."

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Elaine Lacy :

"In many cases the family needs income so the student will drop out. Literature on this issue also shows that there is just not the emphasis among the immigrant population in education beyond the sixth grade level."

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Ed Fallon :

"I want to see Republicans and sometimes Democrats stop using the immigrant community as a punching bag. It's a just a mean-spirited bill that does nothing to further the public's understanding, or legitimate discussion of these concerns."

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Bryan Singer :

"He's an American superhero, but he's also the ultimate immigrant, isn't he? And it's interesting to go back to that story now, because things are different."

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David Gergen :

"I'm told by some people close to him that this will not be a Kerry-bashing speech. But he's not going to simply rally around Bush. Indeed it's going to be the story of an immigrant coming to this country and finding a country that's embraced him and a party that's embraced him."

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Cheryl Little :

"I haven't seen this level of fear in the immigrant community in the past two decades."

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