Quotes of 'Prayer'

Courtney Price :

"Everyone was affected by it. We included her in our team prayer before the game, and when we put on the wristbands, that characterizes what she means to us and that we're going to remember her."

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Cotton Mather :

"I will now teach my son Increase (and others of my children) the way of raising a lesson out of every verse in his reading of the Bible; and of turning it into a Prayer; and engage him (and them) unto a daily Course in reading the Bible in such a way"

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Cosette Schaaf :

"Everything was a prayer to St. Francis, his whole life was a prayer. This is what we strive for, too."

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Cokie Roberts :

"As long as algebra is taught in school, there will be prayer in school."

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Clark Johnson :

"The speaker is introduced at 7:30 and speaks for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then we have a round of prayer."

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Claire Keyes :

"Our patients are not coming to, quote, 'exercise their constitutional rights'. They want to talk about prayer and forgiveness."

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Chuck Colson :

"[Chuck's letters from the USS Mellette are full of him saying,] Brad Allen really got to me about religion. I think we should have prayer in our house. I think we should say grace before meals. Brad Allen tells me if I don't start having a relationship with the Lord, I will just end up another successful executive, president of the Westchester County Golf Club, and then die of a heart attack at age 50. ... I suddenly recognized that Brad Allen did have a big impact on my spiritual development."

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Christopher Love :

"I know you are a woman of sorrowful spirit, yet be comforted, though you sorrows be great for you husband going out of the world, yet your pains shall be the less in bringing your child into the world; you shall be a joyful mother, though you be a sad widow; God hath many mercies in store for you; the prayer of a dying husband for you, will not be lost."

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Chris Palmer :

"We have lost a fellow officer, ... It's not something that will go away because some arrests have been made. It's like losing a family member. Once you lose them, the only thing that can cure it is time. Time and prayer."

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Craig Mundie :

"The Internet ... was full of sites producing content for free, in the hope that somehow they'd generate revenue from sources that never materialized, whether it was advertising, subscriptions, or a wing and a prayer,"

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