Quotes of 'Team'

Cyrus Mehri :

"The black coaching candidates were at least as strong, if not stronger, than those who were selected. Each team could say what their justifications were, but. . . it still shows that there's an uphill battle for African-American coaches."

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Cyrus McGowan :

"I was excited about that. We got a [Ronnie Brewer] dunk off that and that got the team excited. I was happy I contributed."

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Cyril Suk :

"For us it is not a surprise that Jiri is not on our team. We still have a strong team, we play at home. Nevertheless, the Germans are little bit the favorites and it will be difficult for us to beat them."

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Cyntrell Robinson :

"We were confident in the beginning because we knew we had such a strong team, and we have a strong mix. We kind of knew that we were going to take over this year."

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Cynthia Gray :

"We're re-evaluating who reports to whom. We might take a team approach and form cluster departments."

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Cyndy Kenyon :

"I'm still shaking from the elation of winning today. We've been so close and been on that other side, watching the other team get the trophy. I think it's a huge step for our program, university and team. We all have worked so hard, from top to bottom, everybody has played such an important roll in our success."

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Cyndy Kenyon :

"I think we kind of need to regroup and get back to how we know how to play. Because as far as talent and as far as who's the better team, we're better than they are this year, and so the reason that we're losing games is our own fault."

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Cyndy Kenyon :

"We've always been on the doorstep and I think this year is our year to prove that we are up in that caliber. From top to bottom on paper we're the best team in the nation."

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Cynde Frankel :

"We cry a lot. But as a group, we give each other tremendous support and try to stay positive. That's what enables us to keep going. It's a team effort."

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Cyle Sage :

"We're getting more competitive. I don't expect to compete with a conference team because we don't have a lot of depth."

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