Quotes of 'Funny'

Chris Rock :

"It was way ahead of its time. It's like this black guy with a bunch of money. He's funny, and he never lost his money. He was always a great businessman. I love that show."

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Chris Quinn :

"It's almost funny to see that kind of shot go in against us and end my career. I wish it didn't go in, but credit goes to him. He made a great shot."

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Evelyn Richards :

"Here in Silicon Valley, we're all about change. Out with orchards, in with tilt-ups. Out with analog, in with digital. Out with print, in with online. Amid all this, it's comforting to know that some things stay the same. Apple Computer, for instance. Funny, I realized, how Apple has in many ways changed the world, changed us, but not itself."

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Evan Thomas :

"It sounds funny to say it, but when I was getting ready to try out, I was thinking that I really wasn't going to have to work that hard to be what I needed to be - flirtatious, outgoing, crazy and fun."

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Erin Olson :

"It's funny I will see other babies in public and I will know that baby needs to go to the potty."

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Erik Flannigan :

"Blender is smart, funny and remarkably entertaining. Now music fans and?savvy Blender readers?can go a step further and get instant gratification -?listening?to songs, watching videos, searching for tickets and more for any of the artists and music they read about in special interactive features."

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Erik Estrada :

"They wanted a character who's rugged, funny, a ladies' man, I don't have to shower, shave. I can just show up and do it."

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Eric Weinrich :

"Hey, how about that? That's funny how those things work out."

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Eric Smithey :

"We had some trepidation whether or not we wanted to do it because we had been in the mode of doing the other. Once we got into the very first rehearsal, it reminded us how good Mozart was, how funny and how relevant to today."

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Eric Milton :

"The ball finds holes, takes funny bounces, but there are no excuses."

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