Quotes of 'Funny'

Chuck Hudson :

"Each character brings in new danger, new comedy and new musical variety. The music becomes intoxicating and almost insane. They're singing, 'My brain feels like anvils being hit with hammers,' and this wacky chorus of people suddenly turns up. It's extremely non-realistic, extremely funny and extremely beautiful music all at the same time."

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Christopher White :

"He was so funny. He was our unofficial tour guide. I was surprised how much he knew (about Germany and France)."

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Christopher Guest :

"I don't work with high-concept things that start with a premise, "Wouldn't it be funny if there was this spy who met a... " For me, it could be, "What about people who sell shoes? That must be a bizarre world... when they meet at conventions and talk about shoes.""

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Christine Taylor :

"It's not even funny how much (Ella) is like Ben, ... She's definitely a ham."

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Christine Taylor :

"My family's always been really funny. I feel like comedy's hard. I feel like it's so important."

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Christina Criscenzo :

"He's funny, very good natured. He's got a lot of love in his eyes -- good spirit. He was a good kid -- fun to talk to, very polite."

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Chris White :

"[Glammy deodorant -- now that's funny. So says Chris White, a professional comedian and (like most stand-ups) a sweat expert.] You shouldn't put anything expensive on your armpits -- it's one of the least savory parts, ... It's just something you don't do -- like putting a sweater on a dog."

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Chris Stakes :

"The funny things they come up with."

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Chris Ratcliff :

"It is very interesting. There were a couple of times this year when Coach Caldwell was having some serious talks and Naomi or Mariah came over and did something funny. It's hard to get serious. (The kids) bring so much joy to the team."

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Cuttino Mobley :

"I guess I won't be doing any photo shoots for a while. There's a lot of love between us, but sometimes funny things happen in a battle."

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