Quotes of 'Funny'

Collin Lapp :

"I tell them 'I'm going to sing with a bunch of old guys. They're like, I don't know, they just don't know how to react really. It's pretty funny."

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Colin Mochrie :

"We want to be funny. We want to make people laugh. We'll do whatever it takes."

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Cole Hamels :

"Yeah, every bullpen they want to know how I'm doing, so that's funny. Once I'm on the mound I don't notice it, but it is funny. It's nice, and flattering."

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Clayton McCullough :

"It's funny because even to this day, people still know what Little League team they played for. And you talk about it and joke about it. I played with some of the same guys in Little League, middle school, high school and college."

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Claudia Hirt :

"I went to the club, and we talked a little. He was so nice. Then we just played a little bit, hitting back and forth. And at the end, we played one real point, and I won it! That was quite funny; I'll never forget it."

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Claude Chabrol :

"Every time I saw the Elf affair on television, I switched on the set because I found it incredibly funny. I thought that, if we could put that it in a film, it would give people watching it a certain amusement to see these people in their true ridiculousness."

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Cillian Murphy :

"Yeah, I suppose slightly more people now can pronounce my name. It's all about recognition, isn't it? I have a funny cognizance of the fact that Hollywood is about commerce and art; it's an uncomfortable mixture of the two. People aren't going to put you in a movie unless people know who you are, and if your movie made $80 million, people will go ?Hey, we'll put him in a movie.' It isn't necessarily about the performance, so yeah, that was great and it means you get to read scripts and meet people that you wouldn't have done in the past."

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Cillian Murphy :

"That's what acting is about, ... Funny wigs and voices, that's what we do."

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Chuck Viane :

"The public votes with their wallets and this is an affirmation that funny is money."

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Chuck Rosenberg :

"People need to understand that we take these threats very seriously, and that we will prosecute anyone who threatens an airline even, as here, when the threat turns out to be a hoax, ... Not funny, don't do it."

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