Quotes of 'Confidence '

Cyril McGuire :

"The development of chip and PIN has given people more confidence in unattended payment machines and it's being extended to a number of applications."

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Cynthia Rezentes :

"This leaves me with a major lack of confidence whether we're going to see anything done without a definite date in place."

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Cynthia Davis :

"We are very pleased with the value 7-Exchange has delivered to our manufacturer partners. We believe the program can be even stronger in 2006 and beyond. Based on the feedback and suggestions we've received from participants as well as our own observations, this enhanced version will better enable manufacturers to uncover business-building opportunities, act faster with greater confidence and ultimately win at the 7-Eleven store shelves."

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Curtis Staples :

"I would classify [a common thread] as confidence. You can see that J.J. is confident that he's going to make more than he's going to miss. It all comes from practice."

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Curtis Hunter :

"I know what I have. I have two good guards. It's hard for anybody to press us. We have confidence in what we do and what we run."

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Curt Ott :

"We were the last team to beat them, and yeah that gives us confidence going into this game. The thing is, they know that we were the last team to beat them, so they will be fired up to pay us back."

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Curt Grottenthaler :

"As a team, it was a real good, solid performance to start the season out. It's good to get on the positive side of things in the first game and start getting a little confidence."

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Cully Donovan :

"We needed one stop, and we had confidence we could get that stop. It's what we preach all year, defense and rebounding."

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Cullen Jenkins :

"I think what that first turnover did for us was give us confidence. For the most part this year, stuff has not been going our way. Once Al got that interception and that touchdown, I think everybody felt it was our time."

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Crystal Williams :

"She tore the ACL in January, and was back in the team camp in June. That was an inspiration to the other girls and gave them a lot of confidence."

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