Quotes of 'Suspect'

Cynthia Price :

"We're definitely taking a close look at him. We haven't specifically named him as a suspect, but some people are saying he's at the top of our list."

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Cynthia Price :

"We're not calling anyone a suspect. At this time, the Richmond Police Department has not identified a suspect, but we have several persons of interest. We've interviewed several people extensively."

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Curtis Allen :

"We suspect the transmission would be very low on airline flights, ... but probably not zero."

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Curt Goetz :

"The jealous know nothing, suspect much, and fear everything."

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Cummins Catherwood :

"When the market is uncertain, it either drifts or goes down. Looking at the economic figures that we're seeing, it tells you that inflation is coming. I suspect the Federal Reserve will keep beating on it gradually."

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Crystal Candy :

"We have some good images of the suspect. We just haven't been able to ID who he is."

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Craig Lambinon :

"We were notified of a drowning in the area. On arrival we searched for the teenager who we suspect was caught in rip currents and washed out to sea."

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CmdrJames Tolbert :

"Hopefully after we talk with the suspect, we will have a clearer picture of what actually happened."

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CmdrJames Tolbert :

"The suspect is allegedly the former boyfriend of one of the victims."

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Clifford Beal :

"We suspect that the Taliban has a hundred useable tanks, which isn't that many. On the books they probably have 600, but most of those are inoperative."

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