Quotes of 'Community'

Colin Miller :

"This year's prom was better than ever. There was a greater sense of community because of the storm. Prom offered a chance for all of the students to forget about their troubles for a night."

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Colin McIlreavy :

"We are very committed to providing medical care to this community, but we're not there to be martyrs."

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Colin Kolles :

"I've never seen Lakeview like this. I've been here five years now, and we're seeing bigger crowds than we've ever seen around here. The whole Lakeview community is really psyched up about this."

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Colin Hanna :

"It's maturing as a movement within the evangelical Christian community."

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Colin Driver :

"Any community is faced, and has been faced for years, with the criticism that redevelopment takes place behind closed doors. It is the desire of the mayor and Somerville council to make this as public as they possibly can, so people can have some input."

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Colin Driver :

"This gives the community a shot in the arm. That's what redevelopment is all about."

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Colin Cushman :

"It's great for the community and great for the kids. It's an opportunity to let them sleep in their own beds, and that helps in competition."

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Colin Channer :

"Authors' rooms are an artificial barrier between the storyteller and the community,"

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Colin Butler :

"Our community sends a lot of income tax money to the State of Wisconsin."

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Cole Peacock :

"You see that kind of broad-based support because we all believe Bill Nelson has been good for the business community."

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