Quotes of 'Community'

Cordelia Thorpe :

"I'm running because of neglect of the community, neglect of the people, neglect of the democratic principles, total neglect. It's like he thinks he's a real-life king, and he has his knights around him. What about the rest of us?"

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Cordelia Thorpe :

"I would say 99 percent of the community members do not know who's on the ward committee, do not know when they meet. How would you feel if you lived in this community and you didn't know what was going on?"

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Constance Collins :

"I want to be part of the community. I look at the people paying the taxes for our schools. And I want to be one of them."

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Connie Patterson :

"But the ball is in their court. They've got to prove to us that they can do this without impacting the community the way they have in the past."

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Connie Hearty :

"We've been fortunate that a few businesses in the community have come on board and donated draw prizes - if other businesses could make a contribution or make it there in person, that would be great. If you can't make it, you can call or donate online."

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Connie Graden :

"I think that we will be able to fill a niche in the community. I think it will be a new place for our customers to come to, and it will give them a different option for shopping."

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Connie Collins :

"It's very difficult to begin to understand something like this, ... It's something that was not expected. In a community like this, we have never had this type of experience, so it's been very difficult for everyone."

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Connie Cation :

"Last year, we had over 500 people attend the children's show and I expect that we'll have a lot more this year. We have some very talented young people in our community and I like to think this is our way of encouraging them to utilize their gifts."

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Conan Smith :

"The program makes cities as competitive for the development dollars as a greenfield community is. If you are trying to end suburban sprawl we really need to invest in these areas but make it easy as possible."

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Con Fauconnier :

"Adult basic training and education is one of the cornerstones of our social investment effort, not only for our own people, but also for people in the community,"

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