Quotes of 'Community'

Craig Baker :

"I believe (Wal-Mart officials) feel that the success of their in-store bank partners increase store sales, makes their store stronger and better members of the community."

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Courtney Williams :

"We wanted to do something to help rebuild the city, to contribute something that would help the residents directly. When you give monetary donations, you're not sure if the people who need the help actually get it. This opportunity to rebuild the community physically got us really excited."

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Courtney Berry :

"It's nice. I know the community. So far everyone I talked to has been very good and I am hoping to get a lot of support from the community as well as the (players). I enjoy being back here."

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Councilwoman Joan Kearns :

"One of the functions the Society has and will develop further this year is educating residents as to the history of the community and the families that founded what was originally called Franklin Township. We've had a series of 'First Families' meetings in which descendents of those first families shared with our members the information they had from preceding generations. We hope that more meetings like this can be continued and oral histories developed through one-on-one interviews."

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Councilman Richard Banks :

"When are you going to start work? It seems like it's taking a long time. The community needs to know."

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Councilman Frank Lopez :

"We need an image change in our community here. If we don't build this today, in the future it'll cost us even more."

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Councilman Dave Kucherer :

"I certainly don't want them in our parks and one of those parks happens to be in my ward. Let's face it, who wants billboards in our parks? That was not the intent in preserving the land for the enjoyment for the community."

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Cosette Schaaf :

"It's really beautiful to meet other people who are loyal and love the church and community."

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Coryne Tasca :

"It's something imbedded in me (that is) imperative both in the community and the real world. My role here is to try to communicate that there's a definite impact on the environment. Businesses are going to have to be open to environmental issues."

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Cory Smith :

"The magnitude of this just stops you in your tracks. It's really brought the animal welfare community together. Normally, each agency tends to be a bit territorial. Not now."

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