Quotes of 'Community'

Cindy Winstead :

"It's a community effort. We're trying to take a very negative subject and make it a positive one to show it's not wrong to talk about (domestic violence)."

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Cindy Tokarz :

"People are very into walking and being outdoors. It's something almost anybody can do at their own pace. It's become the community event to go to, be at and see everybody ? old friends, people you haven't seen in years. People look forward to it every year."

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Cindy Taylor :

"There is no one teacher, no one school and no one system that can meet all the complex and diverse needs of each child. But a community united in such a cause can."

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Cindy Schneible :

"A key to our success at the Komen Foundation is that we collaborate with a variety of organizations to provide creative ways for people to make a difference in the fight against breast cancer. We are proud to have the opportunity to partner with Middleton Doll to increase breast cancer research and community outreach programs."

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Cindy Sanders :

"A lot of local merchants come out as sponsors or are donating items. Everyone in the community is welcome."

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Cindy Nelson :

"There's a large online community that I have been active in."

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Cindy Morrison :

"We are so pleased to see pillars of the community come out and support the park and all of these kids. Skating is a huge part of their lives, and to be able to show off a little bit is huge."

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Cindy Matthews :

"Overall, these two initiatives will help us meet national standards and to continue providing the services that our community has come to expect."

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Cindy Love :

"The YMCA's role in any community is to serve the youth of the community, ... When the Charter School, with their athletic program, didn't have the facilities, obviously we stepped up to the plate to offer this facility to those kids."

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Cindy Love :

"It is well deserved that they recognize people who are working very hard to provide safety for our children, especially with all the water in our community, ... I can't say enough about Dottie and her dedication, not only to the children, but to the community."

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