Quotes of 'Pressure'

Cyril Beuzit :

"Treasuries remain under pressure and only weaker-than-expected data seem likely to reverse the current mood."

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Cynthia Lowery :

"There's so much pressure; the penalties are so great."

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Cynthia Bulik :

"Of course, the gene pool didn't change. The environment has indeed changed and cultural pressure to be thin has been greater on the younger part of the study group."

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Curtis Frye :

"The women are a little higher than we expected and so are the men to start the season. I figured we would end up there, but I didn't think we would start there. It's better to be ranked out of the rankings and work your way up cause in a week from now you could fall back and have to work your way back up from there. But, I am flattered that people think that highly of our teams. That's very flattering. I am glad they look at us like that in the preseason. It means we have some goals to live up to. Our kids will feel very positive about that ranking. Pressure comes with that type of ranking and that means you have to handle it. We will make sure we do that."

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Curt Shaw :

"We knew what was on the line. The pressure was off after the loss to Hot Springs (Thursday)."

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Curt Lamb :

"In the fourth, we did a nice job of putting on some pressure and that helped us get some easy transition baskets down the stretch."

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Curt DeHaan :

"We got after them with full-court pressure and forced a lot of turnovers early."

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Curt Courtwright :

"Mainly our game is putting pressure on the other team's offense, make them turn the ball over and capitalize on their turnovers."

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Crystal Jones :

"Our speed with our pressure got us a lot of steals. I don't know if they got tired or whatever, but that was definitely what helped us come back."

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Crystal Davis :

"We're very athletic and very quick, and we use this to bring out the pressure on defense to get in our opponent's face and force them to turn the ball over."

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