Quotes of 'Disappointing'

Curt Johnston :

"They had to make a choice and it's disappointing."

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Curt Johansen :

"It's very disappointing. (Washington) hasn't played their best ball all the time, but they're still not a bad basketball team."

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Craig Jones :

"I would have liked to run a lot more laps today to continue with the good set-up direction we found yesterday, so it's disappointing that the wind was so strong. But at least we've got a good base setting for this circuit now so have a good starting point at the race here in a few weeks. I'm feeling totally at home on the FP1 and around this circuit and have just really enjoyed testing these last four days."

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Craig Brodie :

"It was a very, very disappointing showing out there."

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Craig Brewster :

"Jim is in the same boat as me in that hopefully he'll be fit in time for pre-season training. It's really disappointing news."

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Cory Withrow :

"We practice against a great defense every day. It's just very disappointing that we couldn't get in the end zone."

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Cornell Glen :

"It was a little bit disappointing to give up a late goal like that. I think they came out and just sat back and waited for us to come at them. We didn't do a good job of penetrating the defense and we just have to get better. It is unacceptable."

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Corinne Dufka :

"It's disappointing that the change of venue might diminish the satisfaction felt by the victims of his alleged crimes. The prosecutor no doubt had to balance this with pressing security needs."

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Colin McGranahan :

"(Best Buy's) quarter was disappointing. While (Best Buy) is clearly focused on reducing expense growth, this issue will continue to weigh on fourth-quarter results, thus limiting the upside in a solid environment."

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Colin McGranahan :

"Bad weather and the war did affect Lowe's sales in the quarter. That's the logical assumption. But whether that was 100 percent of the reasons for disappointing sales remains to be seen. If Home Depot reports better earnings and the comparable sales gap between Home Depot and Lowe's narrows, that will raise questions,"

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