Quotes of 'Crime'

Cynthia Lorenzo :

"With this information, we can effectively direct our crime prevention units as we work to keep our schools and communities safe."

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Cynthia Kleinhans :

"The married woman who gave the police the run-around for nearly five days, will appear in the Benoni Magistrate's Court on charges of defeating the course of justice and conspiracy to commit a crime."

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Craig Kennedy :

"She's been through a lot. It's that fine line when a tragic accident becomes a crime."

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Craig Fraser :

"From the information I have received, it was an adult crime,"

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Courtney Langner :

"Minorities are often underserved and are not comfortable reporting crime to police. Reporting a crime can be a scary procedure."

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Cort Jensen :

"Check your credit report. It won't stop this crime from happening to you, but it will minimize the damage."

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Cort Jensen :

"In five years, federal officials say people will be more likely to be a victim of this crime than not."

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Coroner Gary Kirchner :

"Lititz has never had this much crime crammed into such a short space."

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Conrad Donovan :

"It's not like they're going to add five police officers to the township. There's no high crime rate here."

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Colleen McCue :

"By better characterizing crime trends and patterns to predict where crime was likely to occur, the police department could anticipate criminal activity and proactively place their resources."

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