Quotes of 'Satisfaction'

Cyle Sage :

"She's always been one that, from the minute she wakes up to the minute she goes to bed, is always involved in something to help somebody else. And I think that's what motivates her - she takes great pride and satisfaction in being able to help others."

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Curt Yaeger :

"We have to play a complete match without those errors -- not just half a game, or just one game like (Tuesday). I don't know what our mentality is. Maybe it's satisfaction from playing people close, but sooner or later that satisfaction has to come to an end and you've got to compete."

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Corinne Dufka :

"It's disappointing that the change of venue might diminish the satisfaction felt by the victims of his alleged crimes. The prosecutor no doubt had to balance this with pressing security needs."

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Corey Rosen :

"That kind of high involvement management, it turns out, really drives performance and job satisfaction."

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Colin Smith :

"When we merged, it was a daunting task to bring all of our client information into one system, but the Interwoven solution enabled us to accomplish this extremely quickly and with ease. Now, with Interwoven in place across the entire firm, we can ensure that we provide our clients with the best possible experience since our lawyers and staff can effectively manage the client file throughout its entire lifecycle in one central location. Interwoven is truly deserving of this award for the high degree of operational efficiency and client satisfaction that they have helped us to achieve."

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Clay Johnson :

"[According to PPS, one of the keys to employee satisfaction is performance-based advancement and rewards.] Workers should be treated as individual professional public servants, not as bureaucrats, ... We tend to give everyone the same raise whether they're a fantastic worker or a mediocre worker."

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Claes Fornell :

"We break it down in terms of value for money, product quality and service quality. For virtually all of these retailers, with the exception of Wal-Mart, it is really the service quality that seems to be driving the satisfaction."

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Claes Fornell :

"Wal-Mart is an exception because it is able to have such pricing power and such influence over suppliers that it is difficult for anyone to compete on price. What it means for the customer is that price will make you buy, but it doesn't give you the same satisfaction as a high level of service."

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Christopher Wright :

"John is genuinely conservative. He's also a nice guy and very smart and would be a very effective (Supreme Court) justice. As a Democrat, that doesn't fill me with a complete sense of satisfaction."

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Christopher Dodds :

"We look back on the past year and can say with a great degree of satisfaction that we delivered on what we promised to our clients and our shareholders."

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