Quotes of 'Health'

Christopher Bond :

"It is time that we take control and find a way to curtail the explosive costs of health care. Small businesses deserve a chance to channel these funds toward other needs, such as expanding and creating more jobs for the economy."

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Christopher Bond :

"America has survived and grown stronger through September 11th and subsequent wars with Afghanistan and Iraq and those who seek to do us harm. We have faced - and met - tremendous challenges ramping up a public health and safety system to protect Americans from future threats."

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Christine Gregoire :

"Only a national settlement passed by Congress will be able to give us the public health gains that we really need if we want to stop the problem significantly of underage smoking,"

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Christine Gregoire :

"There is just no reason why the richest nation in the world can't provide health care to all its people."

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Christian Smith :

"Sometimes they need people to talk to, and that's why our mental health counselors are here."

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Chris Wood :

"Given significant, secure and continued funding, ... the Open Rivers Initiative could make a much-needed contribution to our nation's overall aquatic health. We have seen the resurgence of life that followed dam removals in waters like Maine's Georges and Wisconsin's Onion Rivers, so we know that such efforts can lead to positive change. And we can't wait to see the improvement in fish populations that will follow a series of small dam removal projects in communities country-wide."

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Chris Wilson :

"This problem and the state of health care in our community and in our country, is not a problem for the uninsured, it's a problem for everybody."

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Chris Williams :

"To date there have been no human health impacts."

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Chris Williams :

"Ultimately Health Canada's position on this is compassion clubs are illegal."

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Chris Widger :

"He's not as loose and happy-go-lucky as he was but, hey, that's the way it is. When you're a manager, the team lives and dies on your decision and at the end of the day you have to answer for the way your team plays, ... As far as him quitting, I hope not, I'd like to come back here next year, but he has to do whatever's best for him, best for his family and best for his health."

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