Quotes of 'Meaning'

Cristina Scabbia :

"I signed a lot of boobs as well. I think it's something that is becoming really normal. I don't even see any sexual meaning when someone gets boobs signed. It becomes a classic."

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Crispin Glover :

"Eccentric doesn't bother me. 'Eccentric' being a poetic interpretation of a mathematical term meaning something that doesn't follow the lines - that's okay."

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Cory Anderson :

"We can't give them extra outs. We're not going to score enough runs, where we can give a lot of extra outs, meaning errors."

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Colleen Kelley :

"These lower-premium plans can mask hidden costs for federal employees, ... The cheaper premium is usually coupled with higher deductibles, meaning federal workers will simply pay higher out-of-pocket costs or avoid visiting the doctor."

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Colin Riley :

"There is no amount for [individual schools]. It is Boston University's endowment. You're talking about the return, meaning the amount earned on the endowment over the course of a year."

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Clueless :

"searching for a guy in high school is the same as searching for meaning in a polly shore movie"

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Clifford Geertz :

"Believing, with Max Weber, that man is an animal suspended in webs of significance he himself has spun, I take culture to be those webs, and the analysis of it to be therefore not an experimental science in search of law but an interpretive one in search of meaning."

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Cliff Hakim :

"I try to give people the ability to articulate their being. We must stop and think about our ethical selves and understand what gives us joy, meaning and a sense that we have served others."

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Clay Braswell :

"When Josh gave you something, it wasn't a string attached. It was never a hidden meaning. It was always a pure act of love."

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Claude Levi-Strauss :

"Since music is a language with some meaning at least for the immense majority of mankind, although only a tiny minority of people are capable of formulating a meaning in it, and since it is the only language with the contradictory attributes of being at once intelligible and untranslatable, the musical creator is a being comparable to the gods, and music itself the supreme mystery of the science of man, a mystery that all the various disciplines come up against and which holds the key to their progress."

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