Quotes of 'Worst '

Cynthia Harriman :

"We're delighted that the FDA has moved forward at all. The worst thing for manufacturers and consumers is limbo."

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Curt Schilling :

"This was a big swing game. Hopefully now we come out and win this game [today]. Now the worst we're going to leave here is a series up on these guys. This late in the season, that's a big deal."

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Craig Zielin :

"I had to work graveyard, which I usually don't -- I was tired. I played awful -- had one of my worst front nines ever."

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Craig Wright :

"not the worst thing that could happen from [the Australians'] point of view."

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Craig Watts :

"This is the worst time to miss a bill. Pay down any large credit card or other large revolving accounts if you can, because high balances will hurt your credit rating. And avoid opening any other accounts before the loan you're pursuing is closed."

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Courtney Collishaw :

"What happened last year was probably one of the worst moments of my life. We were really emotional last year. We didn't want that to happen again."

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Courteney Cox :

"I think I look very healthy. You've already seen what I've eaten, so I couldn't be anorexic, and I wouldn't throw up if you paid me $1,000, so I'm not bulimic. Okay, for $1,000 I would stick my finger down my throat, but throwing up is the worst thing in the world."

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Councilman Clem Lee :

"Mark Lewis was the tale of two city managers: He was the best we ever had and he was the worst we ever had."

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Consumer Reports :

"Best & Worst New Cars, 2005."

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Conor Bill :

"There was a sense in the last few weeks that we had seen the worst of the bad news, but the Yahoo's announcement made people look again at the tech sector and wonder what more bad news lurks out there."

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