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Claudio Cacapa :

"He is a monster, what more can you say? When people see he is on our side, you can see them thinking before they go into a challenge with him. He can do everything and we will miss him."

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Claudia Tremaine :

"At first we were thinking 'what are we going to do with all these coats?' but now they are almost all gone."

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Claude Pepper :

"If more politicians in this country were thinking about the next generation instead of the next election, it might be better for the United States and the world."

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Claude Pepper :

"The mistake a lot of politicians make is in forgetting they've been appointed and thinking they've been anointed."

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Claude M. Bristol :

"Every person is the creation of himself, the image of his own thinking and believing. As individuals think and believe, so they are."

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Claude Clegg :

"I think many Liberians see the United States as sort of a godfather figure, ... They see the United States as the place of their ancestors ... [but] I think that's wishful thinking."

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Class Richard Galli :

"We went into a war with absolute lack of foresight. I could have told them there would be an insurgency. It's the Middle East -- what were they thinking?"

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Clark Haggans :

"As a team, We're not really thinking about the streak. We aren't focused right now on the big picture."

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Clark Bunting :

"These documentaries will be seen many times. You'll see them as part of the normal documentary rotation through the course of the year. If you're thinking it's one-time use, it's not."

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Clarence Day :

"There is an art of reading, as well as an art of thinking, and an art of writing."

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