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Zhu Bangzao :

"China, by the same token, has reasons to ask the United States to give its support and understanding in the fight against terrorism and separatists"

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Zhu Bangzao :

"China is willing to discuss at the United Nations Security Council any proposals against terrorism. All activities should abide by international law, especially the U.N. charter"

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Zhang Xizhen :

"China's leaders won't be very open on their opinion of this issue, even though China's position is against terrorism and maintaining public support for the United States. Beijing cannot publicly support Megawati to crack down harder on Islamic radicals, nor can they support Indonesia's recent softening of commitment to crack down"

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Abraham Foxman :

"It's a setback for peace and a victory for terrorism. The U.S. policy has always been to promote democracy and fight terrorism. This raises the question of whether you can do both simultaneously. If you don't eliminate terrorism first, you get what we got today."

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Zeev Boim :

"In the worst scenario, I believe such an operation of the magnitude of Operation Defensive Shield would last 10 days to two weeks, time to strike a massive blow in order to finish with terrorism."

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Zalman Shoval :

"Israel salutes the United States, which has proven once again that it will fight the scourge of terrorism which, as last week's bombings in east Africa have shown, endanger the entire free world."

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Zalman Shoval :

"Let's make an arrangement where Israelis can be sure that [Palestinians] live up to all these agreements with regard to fighting terrorism, security and arms and the Palestinian covenant. They'll be surprised how generous we can be."

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Zahir Azimi :

"The joint military exercise aiming at boosting cooperation in war on terrorism will begin from May 1 and be concluded on May 12."

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Zack Wamp :

"We must pass a national energy policy to continue our successes in the War on Terrorism"

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Abdullah Ahmad Badawi :

"the only way to deal effectively with the scourge of international terrorism."

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